Equity and Social Justice Symposium

Transcending Our Differences to Transform Our Future

美高梅mgm’s 5th Annual Equity and Social Justice Symposium reflects our institutional commitment to providing meaningful and transformative diversity, equity and inclusivity (DEI) training and learning experiences to our campus community.
今年的主题, “Transcending our Differences to Transform our Future” supports Carroll’s mission of creating a campus culture where individuals know that they belong. As our campus and our communities become increasingly diverse, it is vital that we understand how establishing spaces of community and belonging facilitates better experiences for all.

In the days leading up to the symposium, there will be two cultural events hosted on Carroll’s campus. The goal of the events is to highlight the richness of the world’s culture as well as the unique cultures represented on Carroll’s campus.


Cultural Showcase |  4pm - 6pm

Carroll’s first cultural fair aims to bring individuals together and celebrate our unique histories. Cultural celebrations foster respect and open-mindedness and helps to unite and educate us. This fair will provide a space for anyone who chooses to p艺术icipate. You are invited to showcase your traditions and customs through storytelling, 艺术, 音乐, 时尚, performance and more! We hope to create a sense of community and belonging in this celebration.

应用 to P艺术icipate in the Showcase


Cultural Market  |  12pm - 1pm

Carroll’s first cultural market is a continuation of the cultural fair celebrations. This event strives to increase awareness, 的理解, and pride in our ethnic diversities, through the sharing of food! This event is all about